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Reporfy just got even better! Well…Actually, stronger, faster, better!

Hi there!

We hope this message finds you in great spirits and ready to embrace the latest advancements we’ve brought to Reporfy. With a dedication to continuous improvement and driven by your valuable feedback, we’re excited to unveil a slew of enhancements that promise to elevate your data storytelling to new heights.

What’s New at Reporfy?

  • 💪 Revamped Report Editing: Enjoy a completely revamped report editing experience with upgraded, smoother animations and an overall improved experience that makes creating reports a breeze.

  • ⚡️ Speedier Data Fetching: Experience faster data retrieval across the app, ensuring a smoother workflow and quicker report generation.
  • 👆 Drag & Drop Your Reports Into Folders: Effortlessly add or move items to folders right from the reports page with our enhanced drag and drop functionality.
  • 📅 Advanced Sorting Options: Tailor your workspace to your needs with new report list ordering options, allowing you to sort your reports by various criteria including date, last edit, alphabetical, etc.
  • 🖼️ Improved Export Quality: We’ve boosted the speed and quality of our PDF and JPG exports, ensuring your reports look crisp and are composed exactly how you need them.
  • 🎥 Multimedia Enhancements: Improved multimedia item visualization, both during editing and in published reports, allows your content to truly shine.
  • ⏮️ Undo/Redo Capability: Gain more control over your report creation process with new undo/redo options, giving you the freedom to experiment and perfect your reports easily.
  • 🥳 Affiliates Portal Now Open: Join our new Affiliates Program and start earning as you share the power of Reporfy with others.
  • 🛠️ Additional Improvements: Enjoy small tweaks like rendering previews of visual items in edit mode, selecting «round» format by default on item numbers, and various bug fixes and interaction enhancements.


…But we’re not just stopping here. Our vision for Reporfy is as expansive as your need for data storytelling 😜.

Keep reading and get ready for what’s coming…

🔮 What’s Next?

  • 🔌 Exciting Integrations on the Horizon: Exciting Integrations on the Horizon: We’re almost ready to roll out a new suite of integrations, making your reporting even more connected and automated than ever before.
  • 🎉 Reporfy Everywhere: Whether you’re a Slack enthusiast or a Teams power user, we’re making sure Reporfy fits right into your workflow. Stay tuned for more magic ways to interact with Reporfy from your favorite platforms.
We’re thrilled for you to try these updates and continue to improve your reporting efficiency and creativity. Your feedback is essential in shaping the future of Reporfy, helping us to deliver the perfect tool for you to tell compelling data stories.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!

☺️ Happy Reporting!