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Introducing Reporfy

As entrepreneurs who have built several startups, engaged in international acceleration programs, and raised multiple rounds of private investment in previous startups, we saw what it was like to be on both the entrepreneur and investor side of things. Moreover, as strategic consultants for different international brands, we know what it takes to keep clients informed, and on top of every project you create for them.

We’ve been there. And we know how painful and tedious reporting can be.

As a startup, we experienced time-consuming and painstaking work merely to keep all investors and stakeholders up to date with endless spreadsheets and reports. Reports that ended up taking valuable time better spent achieving milestones and objectives in an already tight and threatening schedule. 

For investors and clients, we saw tedious and troublesome reports and work, trying to read, comprehend, and act according to the data they were receiving, which was only sometimes accurate and transparent and got spread across different mediums and platforms.

That’s when we started envisioning a single platform to keep track of everything, reducing back-and-forth emails and spreadsheet files with user-friendly dashboards and aesthetically pleasing report designs, accessible and straightforward. 

From this idea, the origin of what today has become Reporfy was born, and a new wild adventure started for us. First, as a tool focused on managing relations between entrepreneurs and investors. Today, as a more open and comprehensive reporting tool for everyone, from individuals to teams from any walks of life, ready to upgrade their reporting experience for many use cases.

What is Reporfy?

Reporfy is a performance reporting platform that allows teams and individuals to easily create professional and visually appealing reports in just minutes. From monthly investor updates to board meeting reports or project progress tracking, Reporfy allows individuals and teams to create beautiful, easy-to-read, and interactive reports. Thanks to our user-friendly interface and extensive range of customizable templates, our customers can produce high-quality reports faster and more efficiently than ever.

From startups to large enterprises, companies of all sizes use Reporfy to design and share beautiful, insightful reports that stay organized and allow async collaboration while bringing up the conversation around what’s being reported.

Let’s take a look at the primary features of the Reporfy platform.

  1. Custom performance reports effortlessly. Choose from a variety of premade templates, or create your own by selecting the KPIs and metrics you need from our item library. 
  2. Design unique reports. Can’t find the perfect template for your specific needs? Easily design, create and share a visual report tailored to your needs. 
  3. Easily access your reports at a glance and organize them by folders. 
  4. Stay focused. Quickly build and send reports, inform your team members, investors, and other stakeholders regularly, and track your goals. Save time filling up reports, the success of your project is what matters most, and time is of the essence.
  5. Unparalleled transparency. Invite all your current and future portfolio of investors or companies into our platform and have full knowledge of their current status, with metrics extracted directly from the source data. 

Sign in and join Reporfy to experience the quickest way to create, share and check easy-to-read company performance reports. Discover what Reporfy can offer you and take your company to the next level.

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